Original Clock Returns to Craftsman Farms

Tall ClockA rare 1902 tall case clock which was original to the Log House is now on view in the Log House living room. This very same clock was pictured in historic photos of the Log House that were printed in The Craftsman magazine. After the Stickley family left Craftsman Farms, the clock was among the items purchased by the Farny family. It has been in their family ever since. Farny descendent, Peter Wood, has graciously loaned it to the Stickley Museum as part of the centennial celebration.

Very few of this model clocks were ever made and only a handful of them are known to exist today. This one still has a perfect original surface as well as the original fabric in its back door.

The clock is a cottagey design, with beautiful proportions and a gentle tapering case design. It is constructed of quarter sawn white oak and has a chamfered board back. In the soft light of the Log House living room, you can see the gentle waviness of the vintage glass in the front door.

Its brass clock face is positioned a bit lower than one would expect to allow the average person to look directly at the face (and admire its handsome copper numbers!) The numbers are held in place by copper wires that are attached to the number backs, threaded through the brass face, and bent in place behind the face.

The movement is a “Seth Thomas trapezoidal movement” (referring to the shape of the movements plates) and has a firm deliberate tick tock—loud enough to be heard throughout the living room. It chimes on the hour and half hour, with a deep beautiful resonating gong sound.

It’s a joy to see it standing where it stood 100 years ago!

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  1. Nice house it looks like an antique but its great and I love those things that are made of crafting.

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