The Master Bedroom: Before and After

Our Master Bedroom restoration is finished, and the Master Bedroom will be open to visitors starting Saturday, March 7th.

Here’s the room before our restoration project:

And here it is today:

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3 Responses to The Master Bedroom: Before and After

  1. Great job. Love the brick wall. – Is that a fireplace? How long did it take to remove the white paint from those gorgeous beams?

    How much $$$ – to stay and how long is an average stay?

  2. Heather says:

    Yes, it’s a fabulous fireplace.

    It took many months to remove the white paint. You can see it taking place if you look up “Craftsman Farms” on You Tube.

    Because this is a National Historic Landmark and is operated as a house museum, no one can stay overnight. It would be an amazing experience if it were possible!

  3. Laura D says:

    The master bedroom is terrific now that it is restored. The fireplace is surrounded by Grueby tiles and has a lovely copper fireplace hood. The furnishings are beautiful and the new wallpaper is so close to the original that it is virtually impossible to figure out the original and the new.

    Everyone is to be congratulated on a job well done!

    Come visit any weekend during the spring to see it first hand.

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