New Limited Edition Block Print Now Available

Yoshiko Yamamoto of The Arts & Crafts Press has produced a limited edition, signed, and numbered block print of the Log House. Yoshiko, a Tokyo native, is well known for the Japonesque prints and note cards that she produces using antique letterpress printing presses.

She visited Craftsman Farms in July to begin the project. Yoshiko describes her experience as “sketching the Farms from many angles, running away from pesky bugs, sheltering from thunder storms, and reflecting on the grand visions of Gustav Stickley.” She then returned to her studio in the state of Washington to design and print the multi-colored block print. In the beautiful block print shown here, each color is printed from a separate block to achieve her desired effect.

The signed block print will be available for $40 in the Museum gift shop beginning Saturday, January 17. Don’t forget we are now open year-round on weekends from 11am to 4pm!

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5 Responses to New Limited Edition Block Print Now Available

  1. Carrie says:

    Will these be available through your online store?

  2. Heather says:

    They will be available on-line in about two weeks. If you’d like to get one sooner, you can order it by phone wiht a credit card at 973-540-1165 on the weekends or 973540-0311 on any weekday.

  3. Terri Proffer says:

    Can you confirm that the ones for sale are signed? Although the one you show here is, when I go to the Museum gift shop website the picture does not show a signed version. Also, the price quoted here is $40, but the Museum website shows it as $50. Please clarify. Thanks!

  4. Museum Director says:

    Yes, the ones for sale are all signed and numbered. The signature and number appear in the lower right hand margin of the block print though it doesn’t show up on the scan. The $40 price was an introductory special that lasted for six weeks. They are actually $50. Members get a 10% discount and can purchase it for $45.

  5. "Sam" Corlis says:

    I saw your work at the Craftsman Weekend in Pasadena, yesterday and i wish I had stopped to talk to you (I THINK you were there, Yes?) I like your style very much!

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