Stewart Crick

Stewart Crick is another artisan whose works will be featured in our December trunk show.

Stewart Crick has been working with wood most of his life. His passion for wood has evolved from a journey that began in his father’s woodshop, continued through the restoration and remodeling of several homes, and continues today as he builds Arts and Crafts-inspired furniture.

While there are many influences that effect the furniture Stu creates, his passion for the philosophies and styles of the American Arts and Crafts movement and the unique, distinctive character of quarter-sawn white oak dominate his designs. In design, the views and philosophies that spawned an opposition to mass-produced furniture, and advanced a return to the virtuous qualities of the independent craftsman, mirror Stu’s beliefs. Honest lines and simple curves, guided by natural forces, and patient attention to details make up his guiding philosophy. Crick searches for wood with a unique character and figure that harmonizes with each part of his vision.

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