Original: Gustav Stickley Furnishes His Log House

Original: Gustav Stickley Furnishes His Log House

Saturday, May 20 to Sunday, December 31

Our 2017 exhibition Original: Gustav Stickley Furnishes His Log House, co-curated by Dr. Jonathan Clancy and Peter K. Mars, will offer a new exploration of the original interior of the Log House, Stickley’s family home and the heart of his ideal country estate, Craftsman Farms. From 1911 to 1917, the Log House served as a showcase for Stickley’s signature Craftsman Workshops furnishings and for his Arts and Crafts aesthetic. The exhibition, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of Stickley’s 1917 sale of the property, will celebrate his achievements at Craftsman Farms with a fresh focus on the Log House interior and its original furnishings.

Presenting a comprehensive view of Stickley’s material world, the exhibition will be incorporated throughout the Log House, and will feature furniture, home furnishings, and cherished family belongings known to be original to Gustav Stickley’s home before it was sold in 1917. It will offer insights into the Log House’s interior aesthetic—a blend of special commissions, English and French decorative arts, and furnishings with sentimental value—and into Stickley’s personal taste and style.

Important original furniture and furnishings on loan to the museum during this commemorative year will be featured, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s generous loan of a green-stained elm cabinet with copper hardware that is visible in published photos of the Log House dining room. In sharing new research on the Stickley Museum’s collection, the exhibition will highlight the institution’s long-term commitment to return original furnishings to the Log House.

photo courtesy of The Met

Original will give viewers the opportunity to experience Stickley’s aesthetic vision by bringing together objects that have not been seen collectively since Craftsman Farms was sold in 1917. Assembled at the height of his entrepreneurial success, the original furnishings of the Log House provide a unique look into the taste and mind of one of the Arts and Crafts movement’s most original thinkers.

Visitors may view this special exhibition on all regular tours of the Log House, which run hourly Thursday to Sunday, from 12:15 to 3:15. The museum will also offer special opportunities to experience the exhibition including an Exhibition Opening on Saturday, May 20, and exclusive after-hours tours with curator Pete Mars in June and July.


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