Hurricane Sandy Update

Museum preparations for the storm included carefully covering the exhibition vignette on the front porch.

Twelve trees came down on the property during the storm, but only one building was damaged...A larger pine tree fell on the Administration Building.

During this difficult time for so many on the east coast, we have a bit of good news.  The Log House is safe and weathered the recent storms remarkably well.  Prior to Sandy, we prepared the Log House for the worst, paying particular attention to the front porch, the most vulnerable area with its large windows.   Everything except the wedding vignette was moved into the house, and the vignette was framed out with supports and covered with lightweight plastic tarp.  Fortunately, after the storm, the porch, and the rest of the house were dry and damage free.

Twelve trees came down on the property during the storm, but only one building was damaged by a falling tree.  A larger pine tree fell on the Administration Building and tore several holes in the roof right through to the office ceiling.  Fortunately, the offices are the only non-historic structure on the

A little more than a week after Sandy hit the east coast, a blistery Nor'easter blew through the area with driving snow and more heavy winds.

property.  Repairs have already begun, the tree has been cleared and the roof has been patched to keep out the rain.

The Museum was closed to the public for a week while the power was out. Numerous volunteers and employees from the Township of Parsippany have been here clearing up debris.  At this point, only five trees and some additional debris still need to be removed.  Luckily, no additional damage occurred as the result of last week’s Nor’easter.  Tomorrow a crew of special needs students from Morris County School of Technology will be on site to help clear some of the remaining debris.

The Museum’s staff and volunteers come from many affected towns throughout the area, from Parsippany to eastern Pennsylvania and most were without power for quite some time.  As of today, now more than two weeks after the storm, one of our volunteers is still without power.  But, as more and more towns get power back we are finally returning to normal here at the museum.

Our hearts go out to all the families and businesses affected by the devastation of these storms.  We admire the generosity of spirit and the tremendous outpouring of support and aid from near and far.  During these difficult times, it is inspiring to see such unity and solidarity in the community.   It is that spirit of strength and character that will guide our recovery.

The next installment of our exhibition blogs is on its way and the Stickley Museum has officially reopened for tours.  And with the holidays just around the corner, we hope you can come see us soon!

Damage from a fallen pine tree in the administrative office.

A large tree that was uprooted as a result of superstorm Sandy. The White Cottage is in the background.

A snowy Log House after last Wednesday's Nor'easter.

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  1. Barbara Fuldner says:

    Thank you to the great team of staff, Board, volunteers, and town that prepared us before hand and were right there to deal with things after Sandy came through. Your commitment to the site is appreciated.
    Barbara Fuldner – Craftsman Farms Foundation Trustee

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